Touch Free Trash Cans - A Needed Addition

In any type of business, but more so in businesses that cater to the public, cleanliness is a major concern. It is an ongoing concern that also tends to peak at certain times, which usually coincides with increased news coverage of infections and diseases.

This in no way means that good health and hygiene should only be a concern during those times. Unfortunately many types of infections, etc. are a result of improper or unsafe hygiene habits.

As a business owner you may be more concerned and aware of these types of problems, but your main concern is normally with the habits of your employees. As oftentimes that is where many of the problems originate.

Business owners can help cut down the chances of a spreading infection by instructing their employees on the proper way to handle food or even the proper way to wash their hands, etc. after handling food or using the restroom. Even with this type of instruction there are times that things get overlooked.

For instance, when instructing your employees on proper hand washing you should also remind them that when throwing away the towel they used to dry their hands they should refrain from touching the trash can. As an added precaution you may want to consider using touch-free trash cans as this will help employees and customers alike by not having to touch the trash can after washing their hands. This makes it that much more difficult for germs and infections to spread.