Touch Free Flashlight Specifications

Touch Free Flashlight Specifications

Congratulations on your purchase of the Touch Free flashlight, the flashlight never lets you down. As an emergency kit, the Touch Free flashlight is always ready, even if you haven't used or checked for years! Features

  • Power generation by hand-shaking. No noise and labor-saving when shaking the torch body.
  • LED Lamp bulb with strong white light.
  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for floating on water (but not for long-time diving)
  • Combined effect of gathering light and scattering light.
  • Compass function: when the body being handled by a filament in level direction, its head guides the south

Charging the Touch Free Flashlight

Your Touch Free flashlight never needs a battery. It is charged by shaking the unit. For the best results, follow these steps in charging:

  • Turn off the unit
  • Hole the unit parallel to the ground and shake it back and forth with moderate force about two or three times per second.

NOTE: Shaking the unit too hard may cause damage. Shaking vertically won't charge the unit efficiently.

Touch Free Flashlight can light for 110 minutes after shaking for 1 minute and will flash continuously if you keep on shaking. If the unit is completely drained of energy, you should give the unit 180 shakes or about 1 minute of shaking at 3 shakes per second to fully charge its capacitor. During prolonged use. The Touch Free Flashlight should be turned off and shaken for 10 to 15 seconds every two or three minutes.


The Touch Free Flashlight generates a strong magnetic field. Keep the flashlight at least one foot away from medical devices, computers, magnetic storage media, and other devices such as:

  • Cassette tapes
  • Credit cards
  • Televisions
  • Video tapes
  • Computer disks
  • Any device with a cathode ray tube (CRT)

Do not attempt to remove the light emitting diode (LED light) or any internal part.

  • Use only warm water and mild soap to clean the housing.
  • Rinse with fresh water
  • Clean the lens with glass-cleaning products
  • Do not use petroleum distillates (such as gasoline or kerosene) or solvents such as acetone to clean any part of the Touch Free Flashlight
Touch Free Flashlight Specifications